Gamr Drivl: Red Dead Prohibition

As should be plain from my previous “Gamr Drivl” entry about possible future settings for the Assassin’s Creed franchise, I like to speculate and dream up such things about a lot of games. Not all of them come to me as succinctly as Assassin’s Creed, but this one came to me a couple of years ago, and the CKCC Journal here is a good platform for me to share it again.

This idea came to me first while I was chatting at work with a colleague. We got to talking about a follow-up to Rockstar Games’ 2010 acclaimed Western-themed sandbox game Red Dead Redemption, itself a spiritual follow-up to 2004’s Red Dead Revolver. The Western gunslinging revenge story Revolver was something of a cult classic, but Redemption— which followed the path of John Marston as he set out to take down his erstwhile outlaw partners at the behest of some corrupt government lawmen. Redemption‘s sprawling landscape took players through deserts, plains, forests, and mountains, while in the background there was the definite impression that the era of the “Wild West” was drawing to a close.

The ideas I set out below may seem slightly less relevant now that Red Dead Redemption 2, a prequel to Redemption, has been confirmed as dropping in October 2018, but hell, there are still ideas here that could be utilized for future entries in the franchise. Below the break, I’ll talk about some basic story notions and gameplay mechanics that could be incorporated if Rockstar decides to do another follow-up at some point down the line.

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Ranking the Post-Zordon Power Rangers Series

I’m into Tabletop RPG play and thanks to live streaming platforms like Twitch and YouTube am able to watch some games.  About a month ago I finally checked out Power Rangers Hyperforce from HyperRPG, they made a basic RPG system to be used in the Power Rangers universe. I really dug it and it made me want to check out the Power Rangers show that happen after the death of Zordon in Power Rangers In Space.  They are all on Netflix and thus easy to access.  This then inevitably lead me to comparing the shows and choosing favorites.  And here is my list from worst to best.  This list doesn’t have Ninja Steel as it’s story is currently ongoing.  Also, I’m trying to not go full into spoiler territory on the major things of each show but there is still going to be things here and there.  So, MILD SPOILER WARNING.

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Wrestl Drivl: On Tag Team Wrestling

It is a sad truth that in WWE, tag team wrestling does not always seem to get the priority it should. There was a time when climbing to the top of the tag ranks was a major accomplishment. Today, while the title matches might be some epic confrontations, the Tag Division(s) seem like more of an afterthought than anything. And that’s a shame.

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Gamr Drivl: Assassin’s Creed

Welcome to Gamr Drivl. My name is Jay, and I have a tendency to overthink things and a creative bent that lends itself well to writing. In this occasional blog, I’ll be talking about video games and exploring their concepts, in particular where future installments in various franchises may go. I may also give reviews about new games as and when I get a chance to play them.


We’ll kick things off talking about a franchise that’s been going for more than a decade now, Ubisoft’s science-fiction/alternate history/stealth conspiracy/action fantasy genre-mashup known as Assassin’s Creed.

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The Top 5 Most Important Women’s Matches in WrestleMania History

A few years ago I wrote about what I thought the Top 5 Women’s Matches were in the history of WrestleMania. And with the launch of the Club Kayfabe Journal I decided to do a bit of a followup this time not ranking by quality but by historical importance.

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